ExtJS Tips & Tricks: Making EditorGridPanel (Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel) readonly at runtime in Extjs

I was wondering how i could make EditorGridPanel readonly at runtime. Finally I managed to find out a way to do this. What you have to do is register an handler for grid’s beforeedit event which will return false !!!

say, you need a function which will do this:

//handler function for 'beforeedit' event
function handler_to_makeReadOnly(){return false;}
//function to make EditorGridPanel read only
function MakeEditorGridPanelReadOnly(editorGridPanel)
//function to make EditorGridPanel normal(editable)
function MakeEditorGridPanelUnReadOnly(editorGridPanel)

Note: MakeEditorGridPanelUnReadOnly will just remove the effect of MakeEditorGridPanelReadOnly function by unregistering the handler handler_to_makeReadOnly. If grid column models are read only it wont change them, means those columns will still be read only.

If you find any problem just write a comment to reach me.

Modification History:

1. 05 Nov 2009: Made the code block proper.


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